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William MarrowdaleMr. Marrowdale is a rich and successful businessman who lives in the wild west with his family. They live in a town called Thunderalley. One day he decides to hire detective Barclay and his partner inspector Burton to solve one of his problems. While Barclay and Burton are staying at his house, he is murdered. As the only official present, Barclay decides to conduct the investigation right away. Join detective Barclay in finding his way in a web of plots, intrigue and ultimately in catching William Marrowdale's killer. Search the house for clues, conduct interviews with the suspects and bring the final verdict.Detective Bill BarclayThe main character, one of the best detectives in the west. He solved every case he has worked on. His main motivation is bringing justice to the twisted world we all live in.Inspector Wolf BurtonEager to prove himself, inspector Burton is Barclay's partner on this case. Although young and a fresh recruit, he has shown great dedication and hard work to improve his skills so that one day he could be a detective revered as Barclay.Anna-Beth MarrowdaleWilliam's wife, a vigilant woman who would do anything to protect her family.Melody MarrowdaleWilliam's daughter, who learned to live in luxury and always expects the best.Luke MarrowdaleWilliam's son, an ambitious man, the heir to William's fortune, always trying to perfect his work to impress people around him.Sam MudstoneThe cook whom William saved from poverty a few years back recognizing his skills. Now he is preparing food for William and his family, what could be his motivation to kill Mr. Marrowdale?Mr. Yang LeeThe butler serving the Marrowdales, always loyal to William, but could his past undo that loyalty?

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