Unique Models U-Glider 1500mm Wingspan EPO Glider RC Airplane PNP

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Unique Models U-Glider 1500mm Wingspan EPO Glider RC Airplane PNP Customer Reviews: Description: General Brand Name: Unique Models Item Name: U-Glider Material: EPO Dimension and Weight Wingspan: 1500mm Overall Length: 1110mm(43.7in) Flying Weight: 300g Wing Load: 14.4g/dm Product Weight: 254g Package Weight: 1018g / 2.24lb Package Size: 82.5x19.5x2cm(32.5 * 7.7 * 4..7in) Electronic Devices Servo: 6g*3 Motor: 2208 2500KV ESC: 15A(BEC) Battery: 3S 11.1V 25C 800mAH JST (Not included) Click Here Propeller: 6040 Folding propeller Radio System: 2.4G 4CH(Not included) Click Here Others CG: 1/5 to 1/3 behind the leading edge of the wing Approx. Flying Duration: About 20min(More or less is normal) Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+ Experience Level: Beginner Recommended Environment: Outdoor Is Assembly Required: Yes Assembly Time: Few Hours Features: Durable EPO material foam construction Plug-in wing design for easy transport Come with powerful 2208 2500KV brushless motor and 15A ESC power system Carbon fiber tail boom keeps the model light while offering excellent rigidity Note: This is the PNP version,the transmitter(remote control) receiver, charger and battery are not included. Package Included: 1x Unique Models U-Glider 1500mm EPO Glider PNP(unassembled)

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