Geekcreit® DIY DS3231 Touch Key Precision High-Brightness LED Dot Matrix Display Desktop Alarm Clock Kit

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Description: This DS3231 clock is designed to be completely sealed with an acrylic oval shape, very suitable for display on the desk. Using 4mm size high-brightnesss Dot-Matrix, even in the bright light situation is still clearly visible. It also has five level of brightness adjustable. Both sides of the back have a Touch Key control and with sound feedback to recognize whether the key is touch. Of course, it also can shows temperature, day, date and important festival. Like New Year's Day, Christmas Day, Valentine's Day and so on. Besides, it has five kinds of switched mode, and you can also select the date of birth, It can show Happy Birthday when the date is coming. That makes the clock no longer looks simple. 1, Using DS3231 high precision clock chip(with temperature compensation)it can still accurately travel time after powered by a backup battery(more accurate than the DS1302 clock chip). 2, Two Touch Key input replace the physical keys, to prevent the long-term press damage. Long Touch the Menu key you can enter the Menu functions to prevent interference. 3, Four-color optional, you can choose Red, Blue, Green and White color. 4, Whole Size: 11.7cm*4.2cm*1.6cm. 5, Ideal digital clock DIY kit for electronics enthusiasts, easy to install. 6, Can connect with USB cable 5V for power supply, convenient for use. 7, With the white circuit board it looks more clearly, and designed by crystal acrylic shell. 8, Manual: Click here. Function: 1, Long-Touch the Menu key enter the Menu functions, Short Touch the Next key to select the function. 2, After selecting the function, short touch the Menu key to confirm to enter, after entering also through Next key to select the change. Touch the Menu key again to confirm the set will switch back to the normal display. 3, The menu has TIME(Set Time) DATE(Setting the date) ALAR(Set the alarm) FONT(set the different font) DISP(switched mode) MIDP(intermediate second point action) FMT(Set 24-12 format) BRH(Set the date of birth) BRIG(Set the Brightness). Package included: 1 x DIY DS3231 Touch Key Precision Hight-Brightness LED Dot Matrix Display Desktop Alarm Clock Kit(Without CR1220 battery)

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